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Current Course Catalog Subject: Management

  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems

    Business Intelligence is a set of theories and methodologies that handle large amounts of data and information and assists managers with decision-making. Knowledge management is the process of capturing, storing, retrieving and distributing the knowledge of the individuals in a business for use by others in the business to improve the quality and/or efficiency of decision making across the firm. This online course in Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems enables the learner to study information tools used to assist decision-makers and describe the process known as decision-making including the three steps involved. The course will be of interest to business professionals who would like to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the benefits of business intelligence and knowledge management systems.

  • Creating meaning for Employees

    Janice is an experienced entrepreneur and in this online course she talks in detail about how important the culture of a business is for the success of that business. She emphasises that a productive culture is one where managers create meaning for their employees. By promoting a business culture that employees can buy into they will become more motivated and work more passionately to make the business a success. Janice believes that alignment is the key factor underlying everything we do. In a business alignment means that employees are doing fulfilling work which they excel at. This course will be of great interest to all business professionals and managers who would like to gain advice and guidance about creating a successful business culture which has meaning for all employees.

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Management

    This Business Skills course introduces the learner to the world of corporate management. Using an interactive presentation style, the lessons go through the characteristics of large businesses, management functions within a business, and the corporate business environment. This free management course also covers large business structures, management styles, and approaches to managing change in a large, dynamic organisation. The course is a useful introduction to those who wish to learn and understand more about how large businesses and organisations operate.

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources

    This HR course introduces you to the world of Human Resources management (HRM) and is a useful introduction to those who wish to learn and understand more about the role it plays within organisations. The lessons examine the various functions of HRM in organisations including responsibilities and objectives, the employment cycle, job analysis, recruitment and selection, and performance appraisal as well as employee relations, and managing change within the workplace.

  • Preparing to Manage - Skills and Practices

    Successful business management practices implemented by skilled and knowledgeable managers are vital for the continued success and growth of any business. This free online course introduces you to essential business management skills and practices. The course starts by asking what management is, and reviews managerial characteristics and skills. The course covers topics such as managing external relationships such as with customers and suppliers. It introduces management accounting practices and procedures, best practices for managing and using information systems, how to manage information about business competitors, and best practices for human resources management in terms of selecting, training and appraising employees. This course is ideal for business professionals who are working in established companies and who want to prove a basic competency and knowledge of business management matters, and also to learn more about successful business management skills and practices.

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