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New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights, Newark, New Jersey,

Awards Offered: Bachelors degree,Postbaccalaureate certificate,Masters degree,Doctors degree - research/scholarship

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Current Course Catalog Subject: Science

  • Advanced Topics in Optical Science and Engineering

    In small groups or as an individual, students conduct three complete research experiments in the available topics of interest, from preliminary background research through data analysis. Use of modern optical research tools under close guidance of faculty and associated research team members in the faculty member's lab.

  • Biophotonics

    An introduction to the interaction of light with biological tissues. Biophotonics for diagnostic and therapeutic applications will be discussed. Topics include propagation of light in turbid tissues, absorption, scattering, laser surgery, and optical rotation.

  • High Power Laser and Photonics Applications

    Open to all engineering, computer science, biology, and science majors with junior or senior standing. Advanced combined laboratory and lecture course emphasizing photonics and high power laser applications. The lecture and laboratory portions of the course focus on the different specialities of the associated faculty in which each faculty member designs the experiment/supporting lecture in their field of expertise. Topics include Maxwell's equations, principles of lasers, electro-optics, non-linear optics, absorption and transmission of light, bio-optics, fiber-optic communications, chemiluminescence, scattering from periodic surfaces and colloids, sensors.

  • Introduction to Optical Science and Engineering

    The purpose of this course is to provide a survey introduction to optics principles and their elementary applications. It is directed to junior level students in engineering and applied physics. This course has both lecture and laboratory components. The prerequisites for the course are the sophomore level core-calculus and core-physics courses required of all engineering and science majors at NJIT

  • Virtual Instrumentation

    This course will cover the basics of virtual instrumentation including use of IEEE GPIB, RS232, and Data Acquisition interfaces. The students will learn how to interface a computer to various instruments for data acquisition and instrument control. The software platform will be state-of-the-art software such as National Instruments LABVIEW software. The emphasis is not on the electronic aspects of the IEEE GPIB or RS232 interfaces but rather on the practical aspects of interfacing a computer to various instruments.

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