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New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights, Newark, New Jersey,

Awards Offered: Bachelors degree,Postbaccalaureate certificate,Masters degree,Doctors degree - research/scholarship

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Current Course Catalog Subject: Engineering

  • Circuit Analysis: Transform Methods

    The principles, theorems and techniques of circuit analysis are reviewed. The technique of waveform and circuit transforms is introduced. Laplace transforms are studied and applied in the solution of circuit problems with a variety of input functions. Fourier analysis is also introduced.

  • Circuit Measurements

    Lecture and laboratory sessions are designed to develop techniques for the measurement of various circuit parameters as well as the theoretical prediction of these parameters. Extensive use of computer simulation software.

  • Sustainable Development

    Challenges of sustainable development in the United States and in other countries, influence of sustainable development concepts on environmental decision-making, sustainable development as a paradigm for environmental policy-making.

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